Snapchat – Information for Parents

Snapchat has developed a new feature called Snapmaps which allows users to see the location of other users of snapchat.  There are three possible settings, sharing with no-one (Ghost Mode), sharing with select friends (Choose which friends you share your location with) and my friends (Share your location with all your friends).    Many children have a large number of “friends” on their accounts who they probably do not know well, and could be accidentally sharing their location.

We have been asked to encourage parents to check their child’s privacy settings if they allow their child to use Snapchat.

Full details are provide in the UK Safer Internet centre blog at

Belmont Community School’s charity work.

Each year group has already decided on its preferred charity (this was done by a vote in Y7).
The students chose:
Y7 Dementia UK
Y8 Children’s Liver Disease Foundation
Y9 Cancer Research UK
Y10 Myeloma UK
Through discussion in tutor groups, Form/Council reps then decide how the students want to raise money/awareness for their charity.
If individuals or groups of students want to organise something for additional charities, then they need to make a plan and bring their proposal to their Head of Year; we are more than happy to support students in raising money or awareness.
Already this year, we have held events for Breast Cancer and Syrian Refugees.  These events were planned and organised by students.  There is also a non-uniform day planned for the end of term to raise money for Children In Need.
Paul Marsden

Our Key Stage 3 students entered a poetry competition to create a poem for the Cathedral’s Festival of Remembrance on Saturday 7th November.

The poems were to be based around the theme of “The Return” encouraging students to think and write about soldiers returning from war and their families waiting at home.

We are proud to announce that Alice Robson was the winner of this competition, with Cameron Tait and Emily Bainbridge competition runners-up. We are delighted with the effort made by all of our students who entered this competition; the standard was very high.

Alice will be reading her poem at the Remembrance Concert, which will be held in the Cathedral on Saturday 7th November at 7pm.




Alice can be seen reading her poem via this link to the Northern Echo article

REAL Projects Week comes to Belmont

We are about to embark on our first ever whole school “REAL Projects Week”, from 29th June- 4th July 2015. During this week, all students will be given unique and exciting learning opportunities created and delivered by our own staff, in projects that are not normally covered in our day-to-day curriculum.

Check out the fantastic projects on offer to students via the link below