Project Week – OneLove Belmont

We undertook some amazing projects during Project Week 17 including project OneLove Belmont

The aim of this project was to spread kindness and love through the area.

Focusing on thanking the emergency services for all they do, our group of 29 students put together and handed out 100 thank you bags for the hospital, police and fire services (visiting the RVI and Newcastle police station on the Wednesday and the Durham and Darlington fire services on the Friday). Students also put together 50 sandwiches to donate to a homeless shelter in Newcastle.

The students distributed 200 lollipops around Durham on Friday and 200 in Newcastle on Wednesday to show strangers random acts of kindness.This was tough as it meant speaking to people they did not know but they acted as perfect ambassadors for the school. The students efforts were well received, many of those who were given lollipops stopped to chat or even hug them!
The students had an amazing day and the feel good factor of doing something for no return was a first for a lot of the students.
We have received some fantastic feedback from the emergency services we visited and lovely articles in The Northern Echo and The Durham Advertiser.