School Meals

At school there are two dining areas. After consultation with our School Council, catering staff in the sports hall café serve healthy fast food such as sandwiches, pasta, panini, chicken burgers, wraps and a range of healthy fruit juices and mineral waters. Sandwiches, panini and wraps are available every day, however other items may be varied. Whereas in the dining area in the main school building, ‘The Hub’, serves healthy traditional main course meals as well as jacket potatoes and pizza. Students who bring packed lunches into school can use the seating in either the Sports cafe or The Hub. During fine weather students can also choose whether to enjoy their lunch outside – there are several picnic benches available to use if students wish.

Free School Meals

If you think you may be eligible for FSM please click on the links below for more information. If you would like any further information regarding FSM please contact Mr Stuart Henderson, School Business Manager.

FSM Eligibility check 

FSM application form

Biometrics Payment System

Currently the school operates an IMPACT Biometric Cashless catering system based upon finger print recognition for payment of school meals. This has many benefits such as reducing the length of time students have to queue (previously the biggest single complaint of our students), and also promoting equality between children as there is no distinction between paying students and those that are entitled to free school meals.

For further information please view Biometrics Payment System