Extra Curricular

We strongly believe learning outside the classroom is as essential to students’ development as learning within the classroom. We ensure that all of our students experience a real wealth of exciting extra curricular opportunities.

Our residential visits include destinations as diverse as Bahrain, Cairo, Barcelona and Belfast, as well as visits to France and Germany. Our students also participate in a range of study visits including, for example, to Oxford and Cambridge Universities and to the Royal College of Music.

More locally, our students work with international orchestras, business partners and theatre companies as well a range of professionals from the arts, sciences and sports.

We know participating, performing and competing are key to developing students’ many unique talents and skills. Again, we offer a real breadth of experiences with students participating in, for example the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, the Northern Counties Young Writers Competition, European Gymnastics Championships and Performing Arts Festivals. We are immensely proud of all our students’ individual and team successes.

Here is our timetable for next term: