Term 3 Assessment Week 2017: Information for students, parents & carers


Assessment Week 3 Dates

  • Year 7: Monday 22nd – Friday 26th May
  • Years 8, 9 + 10: Monday 19th – Friday 23rd June


  • Year 7 English assessments are on Wednesday 2nd June
  • Year 8 English assessments are on Tuesday 27th June
  • Year 10 have additional Maths and English assessments on Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Friday 30th June

Key Assessment Information and Support

In order to support students to prepare for their next Assessment Week, a document has again been produced for each year group, which specifies:

  • Subjects being assessed
  • Dates of assessment
  • Topics to revise
  • Resources, further information and support (web-links are underlined in the document in blue and can be accessed directly by clicking on them)

Each document can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Assessment Timetables

Following feedback from our students, we have also created timetables that detail the exact date of each subject’s assessment for each group, which can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Year 10 students have also been issued with individual revision schedules, containing daily revision tasks to complete.  Students can download an electronic version of their plan at www.revisionplan.com/myPlan

Revision Strategies

As well as WHAT to revise students also asked us to share tips on HOW to revise.  A presentation on the Top 10 revision strategies informed by research can be accessed HERE.

All students will be e-mailed an individual copy of these documents.  Students are also encouraged to take their exercise books home to help them prepare for their assessments.