Safeguarding Information

As a school protecting children from the risk of radicalisation is part of our wider safeguarding duties, and is similar in nature to protecting children from other harms (e.g. drugs, gangs, neglect, sexual exploitation), whether these come from within their family or are the product of outside influences. 
In order for us to fulfill our duty, it is essential that staff and parents are able to identify children who may be vulnerable to radicalisation, and know what to do when they are identified.

Year 11 Certificate Evening for the Class of 2015

A lovely time was had by all at our Belmont Y11 Certificate Evening for the Class of 2015.  Students, parents and staff met to celebrate the achievement of the students by awarding them their GCSE certificates, as well as looking back at some happy memories from the past 5 years.  We are proud of them and wish them all every success in their chosen careers.

year 11 class of 2015 certificate evening

End of term letter from Mr Marsden

Dear Parent/Carer,

Christmas is nearly here and students and staff are ready for a well-deserved break from school!

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the large number of changes happening at our school and to update you on all the wonderful things the students have been doing.  I hope you enjoy reading about them in this term’s newsletter.

Your support

Having completed my first term as the Headteacher, I would like to thank everyone for the warm ‘Belmont’ welcome I have received, as well as the valuable support from parents and the wider community.  These traits make working at Belmont Community School special.  

We are having a big focus on literacy, so please continue to support your child by encouraging them to read for at least 30 minutes each night.  This can be signed off when you are doing your nightly planner check to see what homework is due.

Our Vision

The governors and I have created a clear vision for the school.  This can be summed up in the phrase “Securing the very best for all students“.  We want to develop the ‘leader’ in all our students and nurture each student’s individual talent.   Ultimately we believe that hard work will bring the rewards we are all seeking.  The full document can be found on the website (via this link).  

Our Communication

We are looking to improve our communication with parents and are always looking for people to get involved with school life through our Friends of Belmont group that raises important funds for the school.  If you have any great ideas on how we can improve as a school community, then please contact us.  We have started a “You said… We did” page on the website to show how we are responding to parent requests.

One good idea we have acted on is to engage a company called ParentPay to help parents manage the payment of dinners, music lessons and trips, which means parents never have to hand over cash.  They also run a school text service so that we can communicate quickly and easily with you; please make sure we have your correct contact details on our system. Letters will be coming out in January.

Another aspect we have already changed is our wrap-around provision.  Following requests from parents, we have opened the school site from 8am and there is now a free Breakfast Club taking place in the restaurant Hub.

I would like to hold a parent forum each half term to allow parents a chance to come in and discuss ideas, issues or concerns.  The first day will be on Thurs 4th Feb, I will be available all day for parents to make appointments if you wish, although parents can contact the school at any time and we will respond.

Our Rewards and Our Behaviour

We have revamped our Rewards and Behaviour policy, and are relaunching it in January.  The emphasis is on high standards and rewarding good behaviour.  It is based on good old-fashioned values all parents would recognise: Being firm but fair, caring and forgiving.  We believe manners are important. We expect our students to have high expectations of themselves and to take responsibility for their actions.  Everything will be based around our Core Values; please see the attached sheet as a guide. The full policy can be found on the website via this link.  

Our Standards

In order to continue our drive to improve the learning environment, I have enclosed a letter about mobile phones.  Starting from January, mobile phone use is not allowed during the school day.  Students may have a phone turned off and hidden from sight for their personal use to and from school.  Please see the attached letter for full details (found via this link).

I would like to thank parents for their support on our uniform policy:  The policy has not changed and can be found on the website.  With the cold weather arriving, please pay particular attention to the code regarding appropriate footwear/boots.  Please also ensure students are not wearing jewellery, excessive makeup or skin tight trousers.

We have also been able to appoint a number of new staff to the school, who I believe will strengthen the staff body and improve the chance of students to reach the highest academic standards.  I hope that parents will encourage students to help the teachers settle quickly into the school so that we can meet our high aspirations. I am thrilled to welcome:

Miss Petersen – English     Mrs Bentley – Maths                    Mr Pine – MFL

Miss Dietrich – Science       Mr Valentine – Science                 Mr McPartlin – Computing


Our Successes

I would like to share my pride with you over the students’ work since September.  They have been busy with numerous charity events, some superb performances in school and outside, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, sporting victories in badminton and football as well as academic achievements.  Please take some time to see all the great things they have done by reading the newsletter.

Do not forget that the Monday 4th is a Teacher Training Day and the students start back on Tuesday 5th January 2016. I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and I look forward to welcoming the students back in 2016.  Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely

Paul Marsden


Leavers’ Certificate Evening.

I wrote to you recently to invite you and your parents to the Leavers’ Certificate Evening on Wednesday 16th December 2015, 5-6pm.  However, due to the responses received from several of you, it appears that the evening clashes with a number of other commitments people already have.  Therefore, rather than many of you being unable to make it, we have rearranged the evening to Thursday 14th January 2016, 5-6pm. Apologies if the change of date has caused any inconvenience, but we would like to give as many of you as possible the opportunity to attend.

Please could you email and let us know if you will be attending or if you would like your certificates posting to you.

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.  

Miss Brooker

Belmont Community School’s charity work.

Each year group has already decided on its preferred charity (this was done by a vote in Y7).
The students chose:
Y7 Dementia UK
Y8 Children’s Liver Disease Foundation
Y9 Cancer Research UK
Y10 Myeloma UK
Through discussion in tutor groups, Form/Council reps then decide how the students want to raise money/awareness for their charity.
If individuals or groups of students want to organise something for additional charities, then they need to make a plan and bring their proposal to their Head of Year; we are more than happy to support students in raising money or awareness.
Already this year, we have held events for Breast Cancer and Syrian Refugees.  These events were planned and organised by students.  There is also a non-uniform day planned for the end of term to raise money for Children In Need.
Paul Marsden

Belmont says NO to Bullying

With this week being anti-bullying week, we at Belmont thought we ought to do something public to show that we will not tolerate any form of bullying. Click the poster to view our short video which shows our intent and highlights the different forms of bullying.


Breakfast Club

From Monday 30th November we will be running a breakfast club in the Hub.

Toast and cereal will be available for students between 8am – 8.25am.

Our Key Stage 3 students entered a poetry competition to create a poem for the Cathedral’s Festival of Remembrance on Saturday 7th November.

The poems were to be based around the theme of “The Return” encouraging students to think and write about soldiers returning from war and their families waiting at home.

We are proud to announce that Alice Robson was the winner of this competition, with Cameron Tait and Emily Bainbridge competition runners-up. We are delighted with the effort made by all of our students who entered this competition; the standard was very high.

Alice will be reading her poem at the Remembrance Concert, which will be held in the Cathedral on Saturday 7th November at 7pm.




Alice can be seen reading her poem via this link to the Northern Echo article