Belmont Community School’s charity work.

Each year group has already decided on its preferred charity (this was done by a vote in Y7).
The students chose:
Y7 Dementia UK
Y8 Children’s Liver Disease Foundation
Y9 Cancer Research UK
Y10 Myeloma UK
Through discussion in tutor groups, Form/Council reps then decide how the students want to raise money/awareness for their charity.
If individuals or groups of students want to organise something for additional charities, then they need to make a plan and bring their proposal to their Head of Year; we are more than happy to support students in raising money or awareness.
Already this year, we have held events for Breast Cancer and Syrian Refugees.  These events were planned and organised by students.  There is also a non-uniform day planned for the end of term to raise money for Children In Need.
Paul Marsden

Belmont says NO to Bullying

With this week being anti-bullying week, we at Belmont thought we ought to do something public to show that we will not tolerate any form of bullying. Click the poster to view our short video which shows our intent and highlights the different forms of bullying.


Breakfast Club

From Monday 30th November we will be running a breakfast club in the Hub.

Toast and cereal will be available for students between 8am – 8.25am.

Our Key Stage 3 students entered a poetry competition to create a poem for the Cathedral’s Festival of Remembrance on Saturday 7th November.

The poems were to be based around the theme of “The Return” encouraging students to think and write about soldiers returning from war and their families waiting at home.

We are proud to announce that Alice Robson was the winner of this competition, with Cameron Tait and Emily Bainbridge competition runners-up. We are delighted with the effort made by all of our students who entered this competition; the standard was very high.

Alice will be reading her poem at the Remembrance Concert, which will be held in the Cathedral on Saturday 7th November at 7pm.




Alice can be seen reading her poem via this link to the Northern Echo article

Mayor of Durham visits Belmont

We were proud to host a Presentation Evening, attended by the Mayor of Durham, Councillor Jan Blakey, to celebrate the success of over 40 students who were awarded either the Duke of Edinburgh or the Youth Achievement Bronze Award.

The evening gave students the opportunity to showcase the fabulous work they have completed during the last year in order to gain their awards.

Both  the school and the One Point Youth Team are very proud of the commitment and hard work our students have shown.


Friends of Belmont School

We are delighted to be the only secondary school in Central Durham to have an organisation such as Friends of Belmont linked with our school.

The Friends of Belmont School consists of a combination of caring, enthusiastic and supportive parents, carers, students, ex-students, teachers, staff, family and members of the local community.

Our aim is to help support our students in whatever way we can, particularly by encouraging and providing closer links between home and school.

Everyone is welcome to join us no matter how much time you have to spare. It is not necessary that you attend every event, or every meeting; we realise time is valuable and appreciate input from everyone, no matter how small.

If you would like any further information on any of our fundraising activities or would like to become involved with ‘The Friends of Belmont’ please do not hesitate to contact  Elaine Morgan via the school email address



Letter from Mrs Jackson

Dear Parents and Carers

As you may be aware we are collecting food items to send to people who are less fortunate than ourselves and who have been forced from their homes into refugee status.

We would like each student to try to bring in one of the items below for us to make a whole-school contribution to the aid effort.

Tinned tomatoes Rice
Tinned kidney beans Cooking sauces
Tinned peas Candles
Tinned carrots Shampoo or Soap
Tinned tuna Roll on deodorant
Sugar Hair combs

If you are able, please could you send one of these items into school with your child over the next two weeks, in order for us to put a whole school aid parcel together.

The items will be collected during form time and sent to help people less fortunate than ourselves.

Yours sincerely

Laura Jackson

Head of Performing Arts

Letter from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers


Following a request by parents, carers and students, I am happy to announce that the school site will be open from 8am each morning for students, should they wish to arrive early.  This change will take effect from Monday 12th October.

Students arriving early should go to our Learning Resource Centre, via the main gate, which we are also opening early.  Our professional librarian, Miss Roe, will be on hand to assist students whilst they work or read quietly.

Safeguarding and promoting the well-being of the pupils in our care is of paramount importance to the staff and governors of Belmont Community School.  As such, we aim to make our site as safe as possible for students and would therefore like to remind you that cars are prohibited on site between 8:30am – 9:15am, 11:55am – 1:15pm and 2:45am – 3:30pm with the following exceptions:

  • staff
  • parents or carers attending meetings at this time
  • parents or carers in possession of a disabled badge
  • taxis transporting VI/HI students.

May I also take this opportunity to remind you that school will be closed to students on 2nd November for teacher training.

The Heads of Year will be writing out to parents in the next week to inform you of key dates for your diaries across the year.

Yours sincerely
Mr Marsden


Letter from the Headteacher

Dear all,

Following discussion and consultation we have decided to keep all students on site at lunchtime. This will take effect immediately and needs to be communicated to Y11.
We have taken the decision for many reasons, but primarily safeguarding.  We have a duty of care to all our students and the best way to ensure students are safe is to have them on site under our supervision.
Equally, we believe that this measure will help us ensure that students are eating healthily.  For most students it will be business as usual, as the vast majority were wanting to stay on-site.
We would like to engage students in discussion about how we can improve the lunchtime experience in terms of the food on offer and activities/locations available to them.
I shall be writing out to parents to inform you this week.
Thank you in advance for your support in this as we aim to get Y11 off to the best possible start in 2015!


Paul Marsden